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Learning to work with clay

Part of the reason I have accumulated so many skills is because I have a little creature that lives inside me and feeds on knowledge, and she demands to be fed constantly. While I continue to do some metal work, I've recently seen some amazing pieces featuring porcelain. These brooches by Randy Long are one beautiful example.

I love the texture and color or porcelain, as well as its delicacy. Without access to a high temperature kiln, however, I was left to find something similar to work with that would satisfy my need to learn to sculpt delicate pieces. Enter cold porcelain, an air dry clay made with white glue, cornstarch, oil and vinegar or lemon. It took multiple tries to get the recipe and the cooking time right, but I've been very happy with the resulting pieces, which can be made paper thin and air dry to a tough, hard finish.

To see my latest cold porcelain pieces, check out my gallery.

Soon to come: cold porcelain and glass ornaments

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